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Blackouts and emergencies are on the rise in North America. Hurricanes and devastating storms come into the coasts and wreak havoc. They tear houses apart, rip up trees and cause power shortages. Climate change means that these situations are sure to get worse.

Hurricane Sandy saw a rise in the sale of backup generators. Further cases have shown that these units are becoming a necessity. The ideal option for green living is to ditch the gas model and opt for solar. There are many benefits to choosing a solar generator. However, there are some challenges or problems too.

Why Choose A Solar Generator Over A Gas Powered One?

Solar Generator

One of the questions that many campers and preppers raise the worth of solar generators regards the use of gas. Gas is what many people are familiar with when it comes to staying prepared for an emergency. They have served families well for years when there have been storms and blackouts, so why switch to solar?

1) They Are Eco-Friendly

The first reason is that they are much more suitable for green living than a model running on propane or some other fuel. Homeowners that want to reduce their carbon footprint should stay away from gas models. Solar power generators rely on the energy of the sun. The use the panels and converters to create energy and battery packs as storage solutions during nights or poor weather. This is as green as it comes when powering home in an emergency.

2) They Are Effective

The second reason is that solar can be just as powerful and reliable as a gas option. That is if the solar power is there and the generator is of good quality. Solar generators with adequate panels and storage have been reliable aids in all sort of situations. They have become fashionable appliances for camping and are sure to be of help in a blackout.

Effectiveness depends on output, but they can power refrigeration units, televisions, air conditioners and much more. Some critics may question what happens when the sunshine runs out. The same can is true for those that run out of fuel and can’t head to the store to get more.

3) Ease Of Use

The third reason is that they are very easy to set up. Gas models require some installation, a safe place outside and a secure fuel line. Users also have to keep their fingers crossed that it starts up with ease. Solar models are much easier to connect up to the system and easier to use.

4) Neighbors

The final reason to choose solar over gas is that your neighbors will thank you for it. One of the problems with gas models is that they are noisy and smelly. Neighbors don’t want to be listening to the sound or breathing in fumes all day. Solar generators don’t emit these fumes and are much quieter.

What Are The Potential Problems Of Bringing In Solar Power For An Emergency?


The main issue is finding a solar set up that meets all the needs of the family home. Solar systems are becoming more accessible and affordable. This means that more families can use solar in the blackout. However, there will be limits on the number of appliances they can handle. The stronger and bigger the system, the better the chance of running the entire home. At the same time, these bigger, effective systems can be costly.

Some of the best solar systems are the ones tied into a home’s energy supply for basic power needs in a small blackout. This means lights, a freezer and not much else. Another good example of this comes in battery packs. These batteries are essential for reliable power supplies over longer emergency periods. These products are only just starting to become user-friendly. The Tesla Powerwall has brought energy storage to average homes, but they are not cheap.

The Shortcomings In Solar Are Why Many Choose To Stick With Gas Generators For Now

This is why there are still advocates for the propane gas generator, even in this era of greener living. Propane is still considered to be the most reliable, affordable option, especially if homeowners work on their energy usage. There is still a choice to make when looking at a solar generator for the green living during a blackout. With time, they will become more advantageous, but also more necessary.

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