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Best Eco-Friendly Buildings In Canada

Ecotourism is big business in the tourism industry. More and more travelers are looking for eco-friendly buildings and green-minded businesses. Holiday resorts that take advantage of green designs and environmental experiences can expect plenty of interest. Some buildings in Canada have upped their game to provide a great holiday.

Some of the following resorts make good use of their surroundings for relaxation. Some increase the wilderness experience with attractive accommodation options. Others go further with their attitudes to energy use and waste. In the end, they all prove that a green holiday doesn’t need to be basic.

Resorts In Beautiful Locations

Eco Friendly Resorts

Let’s start with three of the best resorts in Canada with green surroundings. There is great diversity here. Some, like The Parkside Hotel & Spa, B.C, make the most of the small space around them for a tranquil environment. Here they use the grounds of the Victoria property to enhance the spa experience.

They proved that you don’t need a grand expanse of wilderness for a natural feel. Their work in creating this hotel earned them the gold level of TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders program. Parkside has since become one of the top destinations in Victoria.

At the other end of the scale of eco-tourism buildings in Canada is the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, B.C. This shore-front “glamping” site is a 45-minute plane ride away from civilization for a true getaway. It is remote but luxurious, with high-end tents, 5-star dining, and a spa. Guests can get away from the world without leaving it behind completely.

Another resort with a view is Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino; B.C. Many comes for the stunning scenery and the chance to explore the beach. Others come for the luxury suites and award-winning Ancient Cedars Spa.

Resorts Where You Can Get Closer To Nature

Canada Resorts

Getting closer to nature means more than a trip to the coast or woods. Some tourists are looking for a little more from these eco-friendly buildings and green tourist resorts. One of the unique options for visitors is Free Spirit Spheres, B.C. These Vancouver tree-houses are not your usual tree-houses. The spheres hang above the woods, immersing guests in the surroundings.

They may look rugged and basic on the surface, but these attractive pods are high-end. Guests get most of the comforts of a hotel, without the hotel experience. There is nowhere else like this in Canada. In fact, it looks like the sort of retreat found in exotic countries. This is why it has become too popular.

Some buildings in Canada take the idea of eco-tourism and use it to create beautiful resorts. Another great example is Trout Point Lodge in Nova Scotia. This resort is deep in the heart of the Tobeatic landscape with acres of wilderness to explore. The Lodge is the central point of a much bigger experience. Despite this, it is more than just a place to sleep after a hike. This five-star destination contains an energy conscious spa and great dining experiences.

Resorts That Go All Out With The Eco-Friendly Ethos

True eco-friendly buildings within eco-tourism are the ones that provide a bigger environmental experience. Glamping on the beach and pads in the woods are highly appealing. However, many tourists need to know that the owners are doing more to help the environment. A good example of this is energy use.

The Nipika Mountain Resort in the Rocky Mountains is highly regarded for its green nature. They ensure that every cabin is completely energy self-sufficient. On top of this, they claim that all technology used is 100% green. Chic-Chocs Mountain Lodge in Quebec offers 100 kilometers of forest roads and 60 square kilometers of the mountain landscape. Here they take a similar approach to energy efficiency.

The another appealing thing about Chic-Chocs Mountain Lodge is their commitment to recycling. This is also a selling point of Goldenwood Lodge, B.C. Here the owners promise to run the business a manner that is as green and sustainable as possible.

They have cut down on waste, improved recycling, use biodegradable products and also buy organic produce. This is the sort of ethos that put business owners at the top of the list for environmentally conscious resorts.

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