Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances

Best Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficient appliances are an important part of creating an eco-friendly home and embracing green living. The energy we use in lighting, heating, cooking, washing and entertainment all plays a part with our carbon footprint. The solution is to find appliances and tools that require less energy or manage it more effectively.

Important Energy Efficient Appliances For The Kitchen

There are lots of areas of the home where energy efficient appliances are beneficial for green living. However, the room that requires the most has to be the kitchen. That is where we house our energy-hungry ovens, refrigeration units, washing machine, dishwashers and much more. Appliances with good rating are a must, and there are other tips to help you find eco-friendly kitchen appliances.

1) Washing Machines

Energy Efficient Appliance

Look for a washing machine with some clever cycle options that will reduce the amount of energy used. Is there a quick wash cycle for light loads or a half cycle for small loads. Any device that limits the length of the cycle and water used is a must. In addition to this, it is best to opt for machines with lower temperature settings. Reducing temperatures to 40 or 30 degrees is the ultimate way to save energy.

2) Dishwashers

Dishwashers work under similar principles to washing machines. The shorter the cycle and the less water used, the better the outcome for green living. Modern machines have much better efficiency ratings and last for much longer too. Many will use 40% less energy than older models. Another feature to look for is the drying function.

3) Ovens

Oven - Kitchen appliance

Experts say that a new A+ rated electric oven consumes 40% less energy than a B rated oven. This means that energy rating is once again vital here. An interesting factor is also the benefit of using microwaves over the conventional oven. Microwaves tend to be much more energy efficient appliances because they are so quick and only heat the food.

4) Kettles, Toasters And Other Secondary Appliances

It never hurts to look at the energy rating of an appliance, no matter how basic is. You may think that you can’t gain much with a toaster or kettle. However, they are in use often enough to make a difference. Furthermore, ECO kettles exist that use 20% less energy and only boil the amount of water required.

Appliances That Monitor And Control Energy Usage

Finding energy efficient appliances for the home, in particular, the kitchen, is a must for cutting energy usage in key areas. However, it is also important to know precisely how much energy we use. The better we understand energy use and loss, the better the chance of being able to control it. Two important tools for the green living can help homeowners here.

1) Smart Meters And Thermostats

Meter Appliances

The best way to monitor the amount of energy used or wasted in a home is to install some form of meter. Many different tools are available to purchase. Some may even be accessible via energy suppliers. These tools map out energy usage across the home so you can make the appropriate changes. Some simple tweaks here and there could make a big difference. Smart thermostats have the potential to save users up to 40% on their heating bills by making the home more efficient.

2) Smart Charging Stations

Understanding energy usage in the home is essential for cutting costs and saving power. One area that is often overlooked is that of phantom power. Phantom power is the energy used when a device remains plugged in at the mains but not in use. That can relate to as much as 8% of energy usage. This is common with televisions, entertainment devices, and items left to charge. Smart chargers are a great way of cutting down on phantom power. They automatically turn off when items are fully charged, instantly reducing energy usage. The another solution is to only turn off wall outlets when they are not required.

The List Of Energy Efficient Appliances For Green Living Is Extensive

The great news for homeowners is that there are now lots of different ways to bring these green devices into the home. Regulations on energy ratings mean that all manufacturers have to improve their designs. That is just the start of the list of eco-friendly options for saving energy. We can start with smart kettles, meters, and colder washing machines and continue with LED lighting, solar-powered devices, and robotic cleaners. With some research and a determination to go green, saving energy is easy.


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