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Unique Building Design

The design is often seen as a problem-solving tool. You design an energy system to solve a problem of energy efficiency or shortage. You design a home to solve the problem of providing a secure, appealing place to live. The problem always comes first with design practice. However, there are others that take a holistic approach more open to other ideas.

Holistic designs see the design as part of a much bigger system. Think of it like holistic medicine. You can have a modern treatment that only targets the problem area of pain or disorder. Alternatively, you can use a holistic method looking at the functions of the body as a whole and the connections within. What were secondary factors become part of a bigger picture?

This approach takes someone prepared to ask lots of questions before they provide answers. Someone prepared to go further with theories and ideas to over-deliver on expectations of projects. It takes time, dedication and creativity to push the envelope and look at alternative ways of thinking. Those that do so know that it is worthwhile for the end results.

Holistic Design Projects And Buildings Go Hand In Hand


This idea of holistic design applies to many areas. However, it is architecture where it comes into its own. It is about looking at the building for more than is the sole purpose of providing a space to live or work. A secure room with four walls, a ceiling, and a power supply is a functional room. However, this is not enough to suit the needs of a client.

The layout of space becomes about much more that practical factors. Segregating kitchen and bathroom spaces and providing enough room in a bedroom is just the start. The feel of the layout and the convenience of the floor plan are all important. The same goes for the energy supply.

Providing power to each room is not enough. Where are the outlets, how many are there, how is the energy regulated and how efficient is the supply? There is a lot more to examine in a functional home than the average homeowner realizes. This functionality is also just the start.

It Is All About Asking Questions About Wider Influence, Needs, And Desires

The more questions raised, the further architects reach into all those secondary areas that are important in holistic designs. Once architects look at the financial side of things rather than just practical need, ideas soon change again. This allows clients to add a wish-list of additional facilities and clever features.

Then there is the aesthetic of buildings – both inside and out. How well does the building look to neighbors? What is the curb appeal like? At this point, the reach of influences spreads even further into the community. We have gone a long way from that functional, basic home solving a problem of habitation.

The Best Holistically-Designed Building Looks At More Than The Internal Space, Especially In Eco-Friendly Homes


The more that architects think about external factors and their impact on buildings, the better that building becomes. It turns into a unique design that is ideally suited for the situation and owner. The exterior space, the amount of sunlight and shade and external noise levels all count. They determine the placement of skylights, windows, balconies and other features.

Once architects embrace this idea of holistic design and expand their horizons, the list of important factors is endless. Is the home owner keen on an eco-friendly home? If so, this opens up new avenues on the types of materials used, their local sources and the use of energy. These touches can be-be as big as a solar power system and generator with off-grid power supply. They can also be as small as LED lighting and energy monitoring systems.

Holistic Designs And Building Projects Can Go As Far As Architects Are Willing To Take Them

In the end, a homeowner needs more than an appreciation for a well-built home with adequate shelter and facilities. Their home should be their sanctuary and place of joy, something that offers everything they could want. The best architects will go all out to provide these individual, unique designs. A holistic approach is the best way to achieve it. Once you start, the dull single-minded method just seems too restrictive.

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