Biomur.ca site gives you information regarding the Bio-friendly buildings in Canada, methods to produce the clean energy and green living with sustainability.

Creating eco-friendly buildings in Canada is a big business that includes green energy usage, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Bio- Friendly buildings must be environment-friendly that reduce the heat loss from exteriors, a way of storing carbon and the ability to control moisture.  In this website, we have discussed the best eco-friendly resources in Canada like Natural Building Blog, Living Building Challenge, etc.

Holistic building designs use an energy system to solve the problem of energy efficiency or shortage. The best holistically-designed building looks at more than the internal space, especially in eco-friendly homes LEED rating systems that are used for various types of projects or buildings. The LEED Canada for Homes program is for residential homes up to three stories.

In Canada, there are lots of areas in the home where energy efficient appliances are beneficial for green living. Energy efficient appliances play a significant role in creating an eco-friendly home such as ovens, refrigeration units, washing machine, dishwashers and much more.  All these powers are used for various purposes such as lighting, heating, cooking, washing, and entertainment, etc.

Canadians are recycling lots of plastics such as plastic bags, film, bottles and high-density polyethylene (HDPE), etc. The main goal is an increase of plastic collected in Canada. The CPIA appreciate that Canada’s plastic recycling infrastructure is secure and open to development.