robotic pool cleaning

Robotic Pool Cleaners Save Time And Energy

A Robotic Pool Cleaner =  Greener Cleaning Solution

Robotic pool cleaners are an excellent idea for anyone looking into energy-efficient options around the house.  The intelligent robotic pool cleaner has changed how we think about cleaning pools, thanks to their updated automated processes.

On top of this, they are also highly eco-friendly for the following reasons:

1.  They Do Everything By Themselves

This is ideal for those that don’t want to worry about the hard work involved.  Pool cleaning can mean long hours, the energy of having to drain the pool, and the use of harsh chemicals.  This pool cleaner follows a route along the surface of the pool floor – or walls – and keeps going.  It continues until the whole thing is clean and finished.

This DIY attitude continues in the self-sustaining nature.  There is no need to connect it to energy-hungry pumps or filters. Instead, they do all the pumping, filtration, and … Read the rest

Live Greener Using These Tips

Learn How To Live Greener By Incorporating These Tips

Most people are becoming more interested in living greener, using eco-friendly products that consume less energy, which can help to conserve the environment and save money.  There are many ways to reduce the number of products and resources that you use every day so you can live greener.

Here are several ways to reduce your energy consumption, save money on shopping, and lower the cost of larger purchases like appliances and home renovations.… Read the rest

Big Companies Using Green Energy in 2022 To Reduce Negative Impact

Several large companies are making the switch to using green energy in 2022. In the contemporary age, going green is the objective of almost every leading tech-savvy business on the planet. These mainstream tech businesses have realized that going green raises social & corporate responsibility, acquiring more business prospects and smoothing operations, and reducing total energy costs.

The companies have also recognized that it assists in reducing the negative impacts they pose to the environment. One of the main target areas by these tech firms is the initiative of using green energy.… Read the rest

Environmentally Friendly Building

Environmentally Friendly Building In Canada Will Improve

As local and federal authorities are struggling with this coronavirus outbreak, the future of environmentally-friendly building in Canada is improving. The government already covered billions of dollars to support the oil and gas industry. We agree that financial aid is required for employees throughout the nation right now.

However, we can not enable the COVID-19 crisis to make us blind to other enormous environmental challenges that we faced before this pandemic began and will still exist after its over, such as combating climate change, stopping plastic contamination, keeping our water clean, and eliminating toxic chemicals from the products we use.… Read the rest

Green Energy Economy

Canada’s New Clean Energy Economy After Covid-19

When you ask people to envision the clean energy economy in Canada, most will envision spinning wind turbines, fields enclosed by a rushing dam or lots of solar panels.

Actually, the clean-energy sector is vast and significant. It involves the people who make our homes waste less energy: HVAC operators and insulators. It includes individuals who manufacture electric buses and cars. If you are interested in the breadth and depth of this Canadian clean-energy economy, our report from May paints the complete picture.

But what about these wind turbines, those hydro dams, those solar arrays? Our readers want to know just what the government is currently doing in the fight of our lifetimes — that is, the fight on climate change.… Read the rest

reduce plastic product waste

Reducing Plastic Products In Your Daily Life Is Good For The Planet

Our obsession with plastic products is damaging the planet. However, by making some little tweaks, you can help fight this environmental crisis in a big way.

Every second, people worldwide buy a million plastic bottles, and less than half of them are recycled. The plastic in landfills can take up to 1,000 years to decay, and we are not just increasing our landfills–it is destroying our sea life and coastal ecosystems.

Specialists estimate that there are 46,000 plastic pieces in each square mile of ocean, and plastic bags are the most devastating thing among the 5.25 trillion plastic bits now floating in the sea, according to the Australian eco-organization Ocean Crusaders. Let’s discuss why it is so bad.… Read the rest

greenest buildings in Canada

Canada Leading The World With The Greenest Buildings

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, and Green: The careless practice of using these terms daily and synonymously, especially by marketers, has made them a little confusing.

All these terms do point to consciousness as well as the environmental and social responsibility (although most aren’t strict legal or accredited definitions) so you could technically use them interchangeably. However, there are small differences in their meaning that is necessary to define.

To clear up the confusion, here are some guidelines for those people that are interested in the numerous shades of green.… Read the rest

green vegetation protect environment, eco-friendly building

Best Canadian Example Of An Energy Saving Building

With environmental concerns on the rise in many places, eco-friendly building is also gaining prominence. There are many excellent reasons why going green is crucial to the environment. Practices such as recycling and using renewable energy significantly contribute toward the reduction of carbon emissions that impact on the environment.

Some buildings in major urban centers contribute to environmental impact as a result of their heating and cooling requirements. However, new developments in the construction industry show that eco-friendly buildings can reduce ecological effects in many ways. Many impressive buildings in different cities across the world are friendly to the environment.

In Canada, the coolest building is the Center for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS).  Established in 2011 in British Columbia, the building is a beautiful thing that cost thirty-seven million Canadian dollars. Sustainable living is the primary idea behind the creation of this magnificent building, and it also consists of amazing features.… Read the rest

solar power generators

How To Replace Your Gas Generator with a Renewable Alternative

Power generators, whether small portable items or large-scale units are an essential solution for off-grid applications and during power outages. We need to know that there is a reliable source of energy for essential appliances in these times of need. Solar power generators quickly overtook gas generators as the most effective and beneficial solution for these events.

Gas and other fossil fuels are problematic during natural disasters, so solar alternative energy approaches are the only option.

  • Why are solar generators much more appealing?
  • What should consumers look for when choosing the best solar backup generator?
  • Which are the better models around?

There is a rising need for solar generators in homes around the world.  Here you can read the‘s review of the GoalZero Yeti 1250, our number one pick for a reliable solar power pack for home backup use. See our review below among other options.

Read the rest

What Is Passive Solar Home Design?

Solar Generators For Homes

Solar home design is something that many designers and builders are considering these days. The desire to use clean energy means that many families are looking into solar generators for homes. Some do so to ease the costs of energy bills while others want off-grid power.

This is the obvious answer to embracing solar, but it isn’t necessarily the most appealing. The alternative is passive solar home design, a concept that used for a very long time but is heavily under-utilized. Passive solar systems look at the sun’s energy in an entirely different way for some significant benefits.… Read the rest

Robotic Pool Cleaner

10 Reasons Why You Need A Robotic Pool Cleaner For Your Pool

Robotic pool cleaners are devices that are continually in development. Designers want to provide the smartest, most efficient model for cleaning an entire pool and enhancing green living. The stronger the competition, the better the models get.

This cleaning device may seem like a bit of fun, with the programmable settings and robotic movements, and they are highly beneficial. On this page, we will look at ten important reasons why robotic pool cleaners should be on every pool owner’s wish list.

Robotic Pool Cleaners Are Desirable Because They Are So Smart And Effective

Best Robotic Pool Cl;eaner

The word robotic means that these pool cleaners are completely automated and do all the hard work for you, but there are many factors here that contribute to their appeal to users and their performance. They include the following.… Read the rest

Canadian Leed Rating System

Bio-Friendly Buildings In Canada

Creating eco-friendly buildings in Canada is big business. Green energy usage, energy efficiency, and sustainability are both fashionable and vital for the country’s health. Buildings can’t just call themselves green. They need the appropriate LEED rating to showcase just how green they are.

What Is LEED Certification?

This certification is a means of independent verification that a building exists with human and environmental health in mind. This means efficient use of water and energy, advantageous sources of materials, sustainable site development, and a strong indoor environment. As of October 31st, 2016, Canada has taken on the global LEED v4 rating system. All new projects must now register under this format.

There are different LEED rating systems for various types of projects or buildings. The LEED Canada for Homes program is for residential homes up to three stories. The LEED Volume program for those looking at multiple projects.

There are also specific … Read the rest

Interesting Eco-Friendly Buildings

Best Eco-Friendly Buildings In Canada

Ecotourism is big business in the tourism industry. More and more travelers are looking for eco-friendly buildings and green-minded businesses. Holiday resorts that take advantage of green designs and environmental experiences can expect plenty of interest. Some buildings in Canada have upped their game to provide a great holiday.

Some of the following resorts make good use of their surroundings for relaxation. Some increase the wilderness experience with attractive accommodation options. Others go further with their attitudes to energy use and waste. In the end, they all prove that a green holiday doesn’t need to be basic.

Resorts In Beautiful Locations

Eco Friendly Resorts

Let’s start with three of the best resorts in Canada with green surroundings. There is great diversity here. Some, like The Parkside Hotel & Spa, B.C, make the most of the small space around them for a tranquil environment. Here they use the grounds of the Victoria property to … Read the rest

Is Living Off The Grid Possible In Canada?

The Great White North should be the ideal place for young homeowners to be able to get off-grid. It is a place we immediately associate with the wilderness and rugged lifestyles. The mountainous regions should be the ideal location to set up a green energy supply for a full off-grid experience. The reality is far from that for many Canadians.

First, the majority curious about living off the grid is not those wishing to go all Grizzly Adams in the wilderness. Instead, they are everyday people and families living in towns and cities. They want to look to a more green, reliable source of electricity production to cut the costs of their energy bills. Second, getting that supply of power and saying goodbye to the utility companies is easier said than done.… Read the rest